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I provide counseling to adults, and couples. I provide counseling on issues dealing with anxiety, depression, loss of identity, low self-esteem, stress, life changes, and individuals who are struggling adjusting to a new country/culture. I also provide couples counseling including premarital counseling.  I have experience working with individuals that have experienced sexual trauma.

I believe therapy is a collaborative effort. My approach is client-centered, based on the belief that every individual brings a unique outlook on personal, family and cultural experiences. In our sessions, we will explore different areas in your life that you feel may be causing you distress. We will look at the way your family/cultural history has impacted your values, behaviors, and relationships in a safe environment. My hope is that together, you will gain insight that will promote awareness and lead to a positive change.


6845 Fairview Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28210
Tel: 704-534-5433


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